French for Global Studies

In the Department of French and Italian at UC Santa Barbara, French 6 is the course that rounds out the end of the second-year French sequence, in which students complete a review of French grammar. The course emphasizes speaking, reading, and writing through study of French and Francophone history, politics, language policy, and culture within a global and larger European context.

In Spring 2015, I crafted and taught a preliminary version of this course, which I am further developing this quarter (Spring 2016). I adapted or created all of the 12 literature and culture sections for the course, which involved finding authentic texts that are suited both to the students’ reading level and to the lexical and syntactic material of the chapter; creating an introduction to the text, to its author, or to both; and developing activities suited for pre-reading, for comprehension assessment, and for interpretation and discussion.

While it has been a challenge to create authentic, approachable, and appropriate materials, developing this course has given me the freedom to find and implement materials that would more effectively address the interests of my students, many of whom are majoring in Global Studies or Political Science.

A sample text I adapted to use as the Literary Reflection for Chapter 10 (Le septième art ou le cinéma) of Réseau 2 can be found here.

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