Teaching Portfolio

I have worked at three American universities and one high school over the past ten years, teaching introductory, intermediate, and advanced French courses. I have had the opportunity to develop curricula for elective, alternative, and advanced courses (Biological Topics in French, French 6 for Global Studies, International Baccalaureate French IV), and have enjoyed assisting and leading French programs outside of the language classroom, such as conversation and cinema clubs and a French Talent Night. I have collaborated with colleagues of diverse pedagogical approaches and orientations to language learning, and in doing so have learned how my own philosophy of language learning and education affects my teaching.

These experiences have provided me first-hand observation of the connection between theory and practice and allowed me to develop my own French language instruction based on the successes of my colleagues. Teaching introductory and intermediate French in conjunction with my coursework in French, Applied Linguistics, and Language and Literacy Education has given me a deeper appreciation for the pivotal role of teachers within the language classroom.

This portfolio will describe my teaching philosophy and my experience as a French instructor.

Courses Taught

  • Introductory French (using Chez nous, Mais oui !, Rondpoint, D’accord 1 and 2, and additional materials)
    • University of California, Santa Barbara: French 1, French 2, French 3 (complete first-year sequence)
    • The University of Alabama: French 101, French 102 (complete first-year sequence)
    • Georgia Gwinnett College: French 1
    • W.P. Davidson High School: Honors French 1 (year 1), Honors French 2 (year 2)
  • Intermediate French (using Réseau, D’accord 3, and additional materials)
    • University of California, Santa Barbara: French 4, French 5, French 6 for Global Studies (complete second-year sequence)
    • W.P. Davidson High School: Honors French 3 (year 3)
  • Advanced French (using primarily authentic materials, Thèmes, En bonne forme, Le monde en français)
    • University of California, Santa Barbara: Biological Topics in French
    • W.P. Davidson High School: International Baccalaureate French 4 (year 4)

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